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Web development is a term used when developing any kind of web site or web application. Our web development team maintains top performance when programming e-commerce business developments and web content development, even a client-server web application. CaneDesign maintains three separate teams when developing a web application; our miami website design team handles part of a project, then passes it on to our web development team. Finally, the project is handed to the quality assurance team. Visit the workflow application section if you are seeking a document routing tool.
miami web development
dot net web development
Our programming team have over 7 years experience in developing .NET web applications. We have started since .NET came out with Framework 1.0. Today we are programming using the .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.5.
asp web development
Classic ASP
Even though classic ASP has become obsolete, there are still plenty of websites in the world wide web that need support for classic ASP code. Our team is here for you, we have supported classic ASP for over 10 years.
php web development
PHP is a strong client-side programming language that we have developed a few web applications in. PHP uses it's own web server and has a different structure than ASP, we have plenty of experience converting PHP web apps to ASP.NET.
flex web programming
Do you need a flexible and interactive web application? Well Flex is an up and coming powerful flash tool that allows interactivity between the client and server via a seamless flash interface.
flash programming
Ever want to have an animated website? Well our flash developers can create an animation directly fed by an XML file so you can alter your image rotation as you please. A creative intrance to your website makes you unique, our flash developers are ready to take on your project.
HTML web programming
All of our websites that we create are compliant by the W3C organization. These days with search engine optimization developing your website that is light weight to the crawlers is important to help you rank higher on google, yahoo, and bing!