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Search Engine optimization (SEO) is the ability to rank high on search engines, ie: Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc. SEO is a technique used by our specialized search engine consultants to find the optimal way to rank you high on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to having pay-per-click campaigns on each of the search engines, where your ad will be displayed under the sponsored results when an individual searches for a particular keyword. In SEM, each time a user clicks on your sponsored search result, the website owner will be charged per click, the price per click (ppc) depends on industry, search engine, and competitiveness of the keyword.
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On-Page Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are two major parts to achieving great results on Google and other search engines. The first part to success is optimizing one's own website, a process which requires many factors. First, a website needs to optimize its meta tags-those being your meta title, meta description, and meta keywords. Next, header tags need to be available on the website with strategic placement. Finally, a website needs to focus on content, content, and more content! The website needs to be an educated site for the reader, providing them with plenty of information and benefits. There is a lot of automation techniques that we can provide when creating your optimized pages through our web programming.
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Link Building

The other part to SEO is Off-Page Optimization a technique involving link building which helps a website's rank considerably. Link building is the process of getting other webmasters to place a link on their site to your website. Because Google and other major search engines rely on a voting system for their rankings, the process can be described in this simple formula: for each site that links in to your site, you get an extra vote in the search engine world. In addition, if the site linking in to you has a high value, that is sometimes counted as a double vote. The main idea is to have many relevant sites linking in to your site to raise your SEO value. In order for other webmasters to want to link their sites to yours, you need to offer something unique on your site. This will lead to other sites wanting to link to yours.
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